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Erase Work-Life Balance: Change the Conversation (With Yourself) 2

Yesterday my daughter described a disagreement she was having with a friend at camp. She exclaimed that her friend’s idea was “so stupid!” I remarked that her words were not very descriptive of the point she was trying to make and rather likely to stir up anger in her friend, making things worse. I suggested…

champion your ideas

Stacy’s Book Note: Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World

In his latest book, Adam Grant suggests how you can better champion your ideas, especially if they go against the grain. In this book note on Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World, I tried to pick pointers that would be most helpful for women. Before moving forward, I should note that this book is not limited to…

good leaders struggle

Good Leaders Struggle

Seeing the media these days, I worry that young people don’t realize how often good leaders struggle. In fact, they may be led to believe that achieving success and wielding power come easy. I see a different side. I’m fortunate to be privy to the thoughts and feelings of my clients—women who are quite successful, many…

sense of wonder

Stacy’s Book Note: The Sense of Wonder

As our lives get busier and our reliance on technology grows, our connection with nature becomes even more precious. As I’ve done in the past, I’ve opted for a quick and easy read as summer approaches. This time, I’m hoping key takeaways from The Sense of Wonder by Rachel Carson will help you get outdoors as much as you can.…

How moms returning to the workforce can get unstuck

Watch this video to learn how moms returning to the workforce can get unstuck.

Stacy delivered this webinar on May 24, 2016 sponsored by the Georgetown University Alumni Career Services and the Women of Georgetown. To view more of their videos, click here.How moms returning to the workforce can get unstuck

How Moms Returning to the Workforce Can Get Unstuck: Avoid Getting Discouraged as You Figure Out Your Next Career Move

For the mom who has taken a career break, a career change or job search can be especially daunting. Even those who once had successful careers can feel rusty, less confident, and concerned about how they will remain connected with their children. After working with many talented clients, Stacy Kim uncovered The Lighthouse Method, a set of counterintuitive strategies that can help you get unstuck. She will share why bright women can be more prone to getting stuck, provide concrete steps on how to jump start your search for rewarding work, and prepare you for possible pitfalls.

**This is Part One of a Two-Part Series

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get over mom guilt

Why I Feed My Children Paste, or 5 Steps to Get Over Mom Guilt

During the Q&A after a recent webinar, a listener asked me how she might get over “mom guilt.” Before I could answer, a memory that had haunted me appeared once again: I was holding a bag of groceries I had just picked up with my younger daughter while waiting for my older daughter to be dismissed from preschool.…