Time Management

We’re busy, overwhelmed and exhausted. It’s also too easy to get distracted.

The articles below include time-management strategies I’ve found helpful.

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happy at work, find flow
“If you want to be happy at work, find flow.” You’ve probably heard this advice before. But, what is flow? Let’s go to the source. In this book note, I summarize the key elements of flow as described in Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. He and his colleagues have conducted numerous studies…

Stacy’s Book Note: Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience

get control of your time
I decided to re-read my yellowed copy of Alan Lakein’s How to Get Control of Your Time and Your Life after having read several newer but disappointing time-management books. While published in 1973, its advice is not only succinct and helpful, but still relevant today. Consider these statements: “I feel like I waste so much…

Stacy’s Book Note: How to Get Control of Your Time and Your Life

time management mistake 2
There’s a time management mistake that many people make. It’s a costly one because it can perpetuate the feeling of being overwhelmed—the sense that you will never be done with all you have to do—and can prevent you from finding peace and feeling satisfied with life. The mistake: believing that the aim of time management…

A Crucial Time Management Mistake You May Not Know You’re Making

analog time management system
Everyone can benefit from taking a peek into Dawn’s system of time management for mompreneurs! After being disappointed with toy options for her own two daughters, Dawn successfully launched the first line of female action figures as a Co-Founder of IAmElemental (voted one of the 25 Best Inventions of 2014 by TIME magazine). Here is how she…

Chalkboard and Bullets: Dawn’s Time Management for Mompreneurs

time management plan for chaos
Coming up with a solid time management plan for chaos abatement has long been Carson’s priority. Like most caring and capable women, Carson is asked to do a lot. Plus, as a lover of life, she has a variety of interests. Currently, she is a non-profit builder, blogger, and mom of three. Like another busy mom featured in this…

Carson’s Time Management Plan for Chaos Abatement

Stop feeling guilty mom
“Stop feeling guilty Mom!” Too many moms feel too much guilt. I hear it in most conversations I have with them, and even more so since launching my series on time-management for real women. I certainly struggle with guilt myself. Unfortunately, it isn’t something you can easily banish. But, having worked on “mom guilt” with…

How to Stop Feeling Guilty about How You Spend Your Time

time management for busy families
Kim’s colorful mix of digital and paper calendars is a helpful example of time management for busy families. A mother of three active boys, Kim is a writer, producer and actor. (You can check out an important safety video for kids she produced here.) She’s one of those moms that make you wonder, “How does she…

Kim’s System of Time Management for Busy Families

paper-based time management
When I first caught a glimpse of Robin’s fabulous paper-based time management system, I couldn’t help but ask her about how she used it. The conversation that ensued was the catalyst for this series on how real women manage their time and energy. As we compared our calendars and to-do lists, we marveled at how intricate…

Robin’s Paper-Based Time Management System