You’re Doing Better Than You Think: The Life Junctions Checkup

Introducing the Life Junctions Check-Up!

I’ve always felt that what makes life so difficult is that we don’t get good feedback on how we’re doing. Mothers, for example, don’t get report cards, unlike their children.

As a result, women may unknowingly use unhelpful or unrealistic benchmarks to measure their successes and failures. Our society may value the number of shares, likes, or followers you get on social media, the cleanliness of your home, the style of your outfit, the number of hours you work, or the amount of money you make. But such targets won’t give you lasting satisfaction, authentic confidence, or true ease in life.

Life Junctions Checkup
The Life Junctions Checkup is probably easier and more thought-provoking than seeing your doctor…

Sometimes this lack of feedback causes women to use their affiliated organization’s accomplishments or family members’ achievements as a proxy for their own. For example, moms may place too much emphasis on their children’s grades or the results of their preschool or college admissions. These can lead to unintended consequences that are difficult to undo later in life.

Let’s change this.

I’ve developed an easy assessment process to help you get a better sense of your “health” in the areas of life that are most salient to you. More important, for only about an hour of your time, I will work with you to create a plan that can help you feel less stressed, more at ease, and more confident right away.

What you gain from a Life Junctions Checkup

  • Capture a more realistic picture of how you are doing and feeling.
  • Learn where to focus your energy and time for quick improvements and optimal results.
  • Get research-based next steps that are concrete, realistic, and customized for your situation so that you can make improvements within the next three months.

How the Life Junctions Checkup works

  • Complete a 15-minute online questionnaire. Your answers will be benchmarked against results from research studies.
  • Have a coaching conversation with me. During this 45-minute phone session, I will ask you follow-up questions and get your feedback on some evidence-based strategies that have worked for my past clients.
  • Receive a written report summarizing my findings from your assessment and outlining a customized plan for the next few months.

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Cost: $250

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