More Than Just Work-Life Balance Coaching

Most likely you’ve landed here because you are a high achieving, deeply caring woman. You’re smart and good at what you do. You’ve been successful in your career and at home. Lately, however, you may be feeling that something is missing. Something isn’t quite right. Yet, you are probably too busy from all of the demands being made on your time and energy. You wish you could enjoy life a little more but not quite sure how to change things.

You’re not alone.

You’ve come to the right place. Believe it or not, you don’t need an overhaul or a complete makeover, as the the vague term, “work-life balance” suggests.

Balance is not the goal. It’s too hard to get it just right. Instead, I believe that there are moments in your life, critical “Life Junctions” when your responsibilities and demands that are made on you clash with your goals and desires. I help people find ways to work through these junctions. Usually, what you need is a series of small tweaks and little boosts.

The most efficient way to do this is in a collaborative, customized and strategic manner. I bring experience and research; you bring your expertise from your career and family life. Together, we pinpoint problems and find solutions specific to your unique situation in a way that is surprisingly fun, fast and easy.


A great way to get started: The Life Junctions CheckUp

For just one hour of your time, you’ll get customized evidence-based strategies, small tweaks, and easy fixes that you can focus on in the next three months. Click here to learn about the checkup.

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Examples of Client Engagements

Whom I coachWhom I Coach: High-achieving deeply caring women

  • My clients have (or had) successful careers.
  • If they have children, they’re wonderful parents.
  • They tend to be smart, conscientious, reflective, funny, and passionate..


What We Work OnWhat We Work On: Finding the right “career-relationship-self” mix:

  • Find a more meaningful career or volunteer work
  • Launch a new project (like writing a book or starting a business)
  • Rekindle an interest
  • Find time and energy to do things you love or connect with people you love

How We Do ItHow We Do it: Expert information to create customized, proven solutions…

  • I won’t boss you around; coaching is not consulting. We work together to tailor solutions to your particular challenge that suits your style and pace.
  • I don’t waste time; good coaching shouldn’t feel onerous. I only suggest evidence-based strategies that are grounded in research and have already worked with other clients.
  • I will never make you feel bad about yourself; good coaching isn’t about fixing what’s wrong. I highlight what’s going right and build on your strengths.

To hear what clients have said about working with me, click here.

To request a consultation, click here.