[VIDEO] How moms returning to the workforce can get unstuck

In this video, Stacy explains how moms returning to the workforce can get unstuck.

For the mom who has taken a career break, a career change or job search can be especially daunting. Even those who once had successful careers can feel rusty, less confident, and concerned about how they will remain connected with their children.

After working with many talented clients, Stacy uncovered The Lighthouse Method, a set of counterintuitive strategies that can help you get unstuck. Watching this video, you can…

  • Learn why bright women can be more prone to getting stuck,
  • Get concrete steps on how to jump start your search for rewarding work, and
  • Prepare for possible pitfalls.

How moms returning to the workforce can get unstuckTo obtain a copy of the slides, complete this form and enter the code “GUPart1”.

Stacy delivered this webinar on May 24, 2016 sponsored by the Georgetown University Alumni Career Services and the Women of Georgetown. To view more of their videos, click here.

This is Part One of a two-part series. Click here for Part Two to learn how to build authentic confidence.

To learn learn more about The Lighthouse Method, or purchase the book, please visit www.LighthouseMethod.com.

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