[VIDEO] Time Design: Changing the Productivity Conversation

In this video, Stacy explains how to talented yet busy women can better manage their time:

So many smart, career-minded moms are overloaded with responsibilities. Whether currently employed, looking to re-enter the workforce, or change careers, they are feeling overwhelmed. The more capable they are, the greater the demands being made on them. Moreover, the digital age speeds up the pace and makes it easier to get distracted. As a result, talented women feel exhausted and resentful that they work so hard yet can’t seem to get ahead. Based on what she learned working directly with her clients, Stacy will share effective – and counterintuitive – strategies to design your time and enjoy life.

Three key takeaways from this webinar:

  • The essential components of a time-management system that can lead to a more satisfying life
  • How to make small customized tweaks to get started right away
  • When to say “yes” and how to say “no”

To obtain a copy of the slides, complete this form and enter the code “GeorgetownTime”.

How moms returning to the workforce can get unstuck

Stacy delivered this webinar on October 25, 2016 sponsored by the Georgetown University Alumni Career Services and the Women of Georgetown. To view more of their videos, click here.

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