The Habits to Goal Worksheet

I created the Habits to Goal worksheet with you in mind. Everyone procrastinates. Everyone gets distracted. But, more often than not smart women get stuck in ways that are particularly challenging.Habits to Goal WorksheetBased on an article I wrote called, “How to Set Goals: 7 Unconventional Tips for Smart Women” and on The Lighthouse Method, This Habits to Goal Worksheet will keep you focused on what truly matters. It’s designed to be easy and fun to implement–and therefore effective.

How it works

The Habits to Goal Worksheet works because it helps you avoid common pitfalls when it comes to setting goals. It makes sure that you…

  • Set the right kind of goal;
  • Break your goal down into small easy steps;
  • Keep track of how you are doing.

Most importantly, however, it keeps you experimenting rather than giving up when things don’t work out. Because inevitably, mistakes occur and missteps happen! So, why not anticipate and deal with them?

Start now

Download the Habits to Goal Worksheet.

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Happy habit-setting!


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