Kind Words from Audiences

Audience Testimonials

audience testimonials“I was lucky to hear Stacy speak recently. Her talk really resonated with me… She was able to pinpoint the causes and suggest solutions for the anxiety that has plagued me over the years. Stacy has unique insights that she supports with strong academic research. Stacy was able to sum up in one hour what I’ve learned in 20 years of therapy. What a bargain. Later, in my first coaching session, I had an “a ha!” moment that has helped me to more effectively address the current challenges in my life. Anyone who hears Stacy will leave with a profound understanding that they are not alone in their feelings.” — J.D.

“The myths and strategies were all extremely helpful. They were all 100 percent applicable to my professional life. I feel calmer just sitting in this workshop. Thank you! So helpful and insightful.”

“I attend many lectures and workshops around the city that address different concerns and interests. I do not know when I have attended a lecture as meaningful and useful to me personally and professionally as this one. Stacy’s presentation was informative, interactive, and explorative. Her wise and approachable presence was a pleasure to experience.”

“I really learned a lot — and I loved the exercises.”

“I was lucky to be part of Stacy’s “Get Your Life Back, Mom” class… All can benefit from it–not only mothers. The goals I have started to set for myself are now part of a clear path that is broken into steps. They are no longer overwhelming but achievable. And trust me, Stacy makes you accountable — and that keeps you on track.” — L.L.


From Clients Who Hired Stacy to Speak:

“Stacy was the featured speaker for Merrill Lynch’s GWIM Women’s Exchange. We were so pleased to have her. She set the perfect tone for our conference. She guided us through her powerful ‘Four Myths,’ which are common misconceptions that hold you back in work and personal lives… [She showed us] how to switch these out of your brain for their more productive counterparts. She inspired a group of smart and powerful women leaders through relevant, research and strategies that made us reflect on our own thinking and misconceptions. People were engaged throughout and left the conference uplifted and inspired.” — Marion Schloemer, Merrill Lynch Women’s Exchange

“Stacy brought to our group thought-provoking research and practical tips that could be immediately incorporated into day-­to-­day parenting. She gets to the point with useful tools for successful and smart parents and professionals in a warm and inviting setting.” — Gilbert Liu, Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel LLP Working Parents Affinity Group

“The exercises Stacy incorporated into her session with the New York Times Parent Support Group helped me understand how to apply the broader concepts she discussed into my own life. Her advice was equally applicable to professional and family life. She helped prioritize where to put my energy and when I could step back.” — Hannah Yang, New York Times Parent Support Group

“It was a fabulous session and there were over 120 people signed up. I received comments from several participants at the end thanking you for a great session.” — Wendy Satin, 85 Broads

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