Figure Out What You Want To Do: The Lighthouse Method

The Lighthouse Method
Gracia Lam, artist

***UPDATE*** The Lighthouse Method is featured in REAL SIMPLE magazine!

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What is The Lighthouse Method?

Too many smart and talented women and moms dream of restarting or shifting careers but are too maxed out to put those dreams into action. They often believe they should first analyze options and set goals. Yet, such thinking and planning are precisely what gets them and keeps them stuck!

What works instead is the opposite: The Lighthouse Method, which calls bright women to abandon maps, aim for the lighthouse, and row. Through her work with numerous clients, Stacy, a social scientist turned life coach, discovered this fun and successful way to finally get unstuck and find rewarding new careers.

In 2015, Stacy wrote a long-form article, or a brief introductory resource guide. In it, she explains…

  • Get Unstuck: The Lighthouse MethodWhy and how smart women get stuck
  • How to set aside doubts and build confidence
  • How to stop ruminating and do something small
  • Why less pain brings more gain

Stacy shares real-life examples and brief explanations from research, giving overworked moms the reassurance they need to make The Lighthouse Method work for them.

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